NAAC Accredited B Grade, Approved By UGC Under 2(F) & 12B


The Institution has established IQAC to formulate and implement strategies for quality assurance and enhancement in all institutional endeavors. The policy of Institution is to make all efforts to assure, sustain and improve quality in all its academic and administrative aspects and uses the IQAC as a medium to implement the quality assurance schemes and policies.The IQAC guides the faculty members to carry out the teaching-learning process in tune with the objectives of NAAC, Education Policy of the Govt. of India and directions of BCI and the parent university. It communicates to the faculty members the current trends and innovative practices in the sphere of teaching learning. It also prepares AQAR to assess and implement the quality enhancement of the institutions. The IQAC also engages the task of Preparation of NAAC Accreditation Report, AQAR and Promotion of the NAAC culture.

It also makes performance appraisal of the students in unit tests, model tests, assignments, class seminars and university examinations and analyses feedback on teaching learning process to suggest better teaching-learning strategies.



Chairperson  :   Dr. Anjali Hastak, Principal

Co-ordinator  :  Dr. Pankaj Kakde

Asst. Co-ordinator : Dr. Manisha Aole

Management Member: Hon’ble Shantaramji Potdukhe, President, S. S. Mandal

LMC Member  : Shri. S. K. Mandelia, Senior Vice – President, Manikgarh Cement Factory

Teaching Faculty Members : 1. Dr. S. K. Datta  2. Dr. Purnendu Kar 3. Dr. Abhay Butle  4. Prof. Ashwini Balki

Administrative Officers :    1. Prof. K. G. Lode  2. Shri. Ghanashyam Mundhada 3. Shri. V. S. Urkudkar

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